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The Equality Register

The Equality Register holds information related to an organisation's Equality Status.

Starting in February 2016 there will be a charge for joining and being a member of the Equality Register. In 2016 new members will pay a fee of £20 + Vat.

Members will be granted unlimited access to the C2E resources in the users' area; this will make available valuable Reviews and Self-Assessments, Guidance and Planning tools to help members better manage their Equality Policies and Practices. In addition all members will have access to a new Members Network.

Once your account has been confirmed we will verify your details and provide access, we will send you an email telling you when you can login.

The Equality Register is managed through the Association of Equality Scheme Providers (AESP) to provide members with access to up to date information and details of the organisation's current equality status. The Register is in the Public domain and can be accessed online. Join The Equality Register

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Unique No
Post Code
Reg Date
Equality Status
Status Confirmed
Date Confirmed
Walton Goodland Ltd 0007592CarlisleCA3 8DA27/07/16Registered
The Transcription Agency 0007590HytheCT21 5AT27/07/16Registered
Advanced Solutions UPS Limited 0007589WaterloovillePO7 7TH26/07/16Registered
Kent Housing 0007588ChathamME4 4JG25/07/16Registered
Canterbury Festival 0007587CanterburyCT1 2JA25/07/16Registered
Westridge Construction Ltd 0007586BodiamTN32 5UP22/07/16Registered
Re-Dec 80 0007584ChathamME5 7JZ20/07/16Registered
Melray Ltd 0007583BromleyBR2 9JA20/07/16Registered
Gibson Training and Care Ltd. 0007582LevenKY8 4NJ20/07/16Registered
Orchard Vale Trust 0007581WookeyBA5 1AR19/07/16Registered
TW Drainage Limited 0007579CroydonCR0 2QG15/07/16Registered
Placement Support Ltd 0007578LondonN16 5UA15/07/16Registered
Arts 4 Dementia 0007577LondonN1 9AG14/07/16Registered
Global Guardians Management Ltd 0007576New BarnetEN5 5FP14/07/16Registered
Medhurst Communications Ltd 0007575FarehamPO15 5TX14/07/16Registered
Greywood Installations Ltd 0007574East MallingME19 6AJ14/07/16Registered
Trade Carpets (Southern) Ltd 0007573HastingsTN34 1SG14/07/16Registered
Lion Services 0007571CroydonCRO 2QD14/07/16Registered
Booker and Best Ltd 0007570St. Leonards-on-seaTN389BY14/07/16Unverified policies and practices - uploaded
Arrows Removals Of London Ltd 0007569CroydonCR0 0EZ13/07/16Registered

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Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the information held on the register is current and accurate. AESP and its members are not responsible for information submitted by organisations. Example Liverpool L45 7NP 42.11 Construction o Example 21/01/2013 Accreditation Current – Accre C2E 21/01/2013